The Broken Doll - AU with redbritishsniper

Marcus was a simple man. He was a wealthy retired middle aged man, but he was very domestic for an 18th century aristocrat. He didn’t have any servants or gardeners or butlers. He even took in some local urchins to stay for a night and no one questioned as to why they were never seen leaving his mansion. They just saw him as a kind man, who needed no one to bother him. 

What they didn’t know, was they he was anything but kind. He would steal those children from the streets and feed them, yes, but they never made it through the night. He loved to hear them scream in his basement, crying and begging for a quick death, but he’d never give it to them. When the light finally left their bright eyes, he’d make quick work of the bodies, grinding the flesh while it was still fresh and cooking it. One body would suffice him for a week, depending on the size of the child. Their bones he would carve into knick knacks or jewelry. The organs were where his wealthy came from.

One thing Marcus disliked about his life, was the lonely nights at his dinner table. He wanted someone to keep him company. To look back at him from across his vast table. Which was what brought him to the toy store.

He walked in and took off his hat, greeting the store person, “I’m looking for a porcelain doll.”